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Hi! I'm Heidi Wise.

I’m a former corporate communications executive, turned dairy farmer (yes, you read that right!), turned freelance communications professional.

I learned a lot about running a business as Chief Operating Officer of our dairy farm. I also learned something even more important:  

I missed helping people communicate.

So I thought, “Why not pair my skills as a communicator with my experience as a business owner to help others make their brilliant brands better?

That's what I will do for you.

My Story

I have more than 20 years of award-winning success in using stories, communication, and relationship marketing to build long-term brand value for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and non-profits. During my corporate career, I received top performance awards in each of the divisions where I worked.

But new adventures beckoned. Thanks to a husband who saw beyond the walls of a cubicle, I was inspired to pursue a dream of starting a dairy farm. Together, we successfully built a grazing dairy business from nothing despite limited experience in the field. However, after nearly five years of farming, we decided that dairy wasn’t a great fit for us.

We sold the cows and most of our land and shifted our focus to doing more of what we love. In my case, that means making your brilliant brand better through compelling, consistent, and coordinated communications!

Other Loves

~ Morning hugs from my son.
~ Kitchen table chats with my husband.
~ Clever apps that simplify life.
~ Planning family getaways.
~ Devouring a good book.
~ Dark chocolate.
~ Watching cows graze.
~ Listening to the ocean.
~ Lifting others’ spirits.

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